Our Music

"Feel Free to Bring Glassware Back to the Bar"

Sample Pieces...

1. The Frost is all Over / Tripping Up the Stairs / Rose in the Heather

2. Silver Spear / Earl's Chair

3. I Buried my Wife and Danced on her Grave / Cliffs of Moher / Garrett Barry's Jig

4. Reel de Sainte Anne / Reel de Bergerville / Pays d'Haut

5. My Darling Asleep / I Lost my Love / Smash the Windows

6. Planxty Irwin

7. Over the Waterfall / Mairi's Wedding

8. Vocal: I'll Go to Sea No More / Tamlin

9. Green Fields of Canada, Air on Uilleann Pipes

10. Banish Misfortune / Lark in the Morning

11. Father Kelly's Reel / The Merry Blacksmith / The Bus Stop Reel

12. Vocal: Piper to the End

Grafton Street Trio's repertoire is dominated by traditional Irish tunes, but we also enjoy playing tunes from the New England and Quebecois repertoires.

In March 2014 we recorded our CD "Feel Free to Bring Glassware Back to the Bar". Sample cuts from the CD appear in the media area on the left. Email us if you'd like to purchase one.

The CD tracks were recorded at Lylac Studios in South Glens Falls, NY.

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Traditional Celtic dance music in the lower Adirondack Region

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